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With our rich and practical experiences in Hong Kong and the region of South China, we can meet all of your needs.
To enhance personnel and labor services within Hong Kong, China, and Asia, we had a business merger with international accounting group NAC Global Co., Limited in July 2013. Our one-stop services include assisting establishment of a company, tax accounting, recruitment and dispatch services, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), Human Resources Outsourcing, labor related services, payroll accounting, visa acquisition, and more.

Recruitment, Dispatch, Executive Search Services

Staff Recruitment

After hearing the situation and troubles of our clients, instead of the HR staff we will take a series of recruitment actions. This service is under a complete contingency fee system, therefore, there is no payment until the recruitment is successful.

Executive Search

We are able to propose core personnel such as financial manager, general manager, division head, and other professionals, through our wide international network and connections.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

●Manage recruitment requirements and job categories ●Select applicants ●Arrange and conduct interviews ●Job applications management ●Resume management ●Media management (postings on recruitment sites) etc.

 Human Resources Outsourcing

We provide hiring services, salary calculation, employment contract preparation, company rules management, annual leave management, etc. according to your requests.

Order Form & Position Requirements Form
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Other Services

Our related company, NAC HR (ASIA) LTD. (, provides the following services. Please do not hesitate to contact us for details.

Outsourcing of Daily Operations

Payroll accounting is a time consuming but confidential work. Our services can help, 1. Efficient usage of time, 2. to prevent time lag from sudden illness or leaving of responsible staff, 3. to prevent payroll information leakage among staffs, and concentrate on your core business.

Acquiring visas in Hong Kong has become harder and harder year by year, due to the government securing Hong Kong citizens’ working opportunities, and also putting effort in attracting excellent overseas professional personnel. The Immigration Department will inspect many areas such as the size of the business, employee ratio of Hong Kong residents to foreigners, applicant’s working experiences and special skills which Hong Kong residents are in lack of. Once the visa application is declined, reapplying will become much difficult, so please feel free to consult us before submission of the initial application.


*We offer 50% off for NAC HR (ASIA) 's VISA support service if candidate is recruited through Kingsway       

China working permit / residential permit support

Internal System Construction

In Hong Kong, an employment contract can be made orally between an employer and an employee. However, it is advisable to have a written contract to avoid any labor disputes in the future. We may compose and revise employment contracts according to the Hong Kong employment ordinances and related laws.

To prevent labor disputes, or to resolve problems in early stage, it is imperative to compose and maintain company regulations and internal rules. We will compose and revise company regulations based on the Hong Kong employment ordinances, related laws, and by incorporating the client’s objectives.

We also provide services in composing and revising the remuneration regulations, business trip expenses regulations, dismissal notice, warning letter, reference letter, and others documents.

Labor Consulting

Consultation Services for Hong Kong employment ordinances and related laws are available. We consult and advise on resolving and improving daily labor management problems such as termination of employment contract, injury and sickness allowances, paid annual leave, and others.

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