2020 Salary Range & Adjustment Prediction

Hong Kong in 2019 was heavily influenced by market conditions, both companies and job seekers were forced to change. While the unemployment rate has risen from 2% to 3% again, candidate-driven market trend continues.


The average wage in Hong Kong is still rising. Under fair performance review and incentive system, there is a remarkable tendency that improving company benefits are key approach to the survival and continuity of the company.


Please find the 2020 salary range and Adjustment Prediction for your easy reference.

Salary Range of different position,
Fresh graduate expected Salary Range

Pay adjustment forecast of major Companies & Organizations

Benefits to conside when changing jobs

Average Days of Annual Leave in Hong Kong

Unemployment Rate, CPI, Payroll Index

Median Monthly Employment Earnings by Sex and Education

Average Rents of Private Domestic in Hong Kong


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